Detailing Commune Agro-Ecosystems Analysis
Province / District / Commune Takeo/ Kaoh Andaet/ Pech Sar Program/Project DAE
Date AEA * 08/18/2005
No. of Zoon 2 AEA completed True
Report completed True Date report completed 08/31/2005
Report sent to DEAFF True Date report send to DEAFF 09/06/2005
Report available in English False
List of Zoon
# Descriptions Status

# Name Zoon Type of Inundation Major income source Second income source Third income source Topography Dominant crop Second Crop Third crop Water Source Hydrology Cropping system Land type Landuse Soil Group
1 Lowland Lower Terrace Flood Pig Rice wine Gently sloping Dry season rice None, None, Mainly irrigated Seasonally inundated, Monocrop, Residential/homestead area, Seasonally flooded, Lowland lower terrace, Permanent agriculture, Kbal Po thionic, Krakor cracking, Kbal Po nonthionic, Krakor noncracking,
2 Lowland Middle Terrace Rainfall Rice wine Pig Gently sloping Wet season paddy rice Water melon, Fruit trees, Some irrigation Seasonally inundated, Monocrop, Sequential multiple cropping, Residential/homestead area, Lowland middle terrace, Permanent agriculture, Bakan, Prateah Lang clayed subsoil, Prateah Lang Shallow,
# Priority key Questions Problems addressed Issues involved Discipline(s) involved Target group(s) Subsystem/enterprise System property
1 1 Are there any measures to reduce the epidemic disease on cow? Poor animal nutrition, Animal disease, Poor animal husbandry, Lack of draft animals, High input cost, Village veterinary, Farmer training, Animal vaccination, Animal husbandry, Animal nutrition, Forage crops, Animal health, Marketing, Cattle, Productivity, Sustainability, Equitability,
2 2 Are there any measures to reduce the epidemic disease on pig? Slow growth and development, High input cost, Poor animal nutrition, Poor pig breeds, Animal disease, Poor animal husbandry, Animal vaccination, Farmer training, Village veterinary, On-farm demonstration, Marketing, Animal husbandry, Animal nutrition, Animal health, Equitability, Productivity, Sustainability,
3 3 Are there any measures to reduce the epidemic disease on chicken? Poor animal nutrition, Low cash income, Animal disease, Poor animal husbandry, High input cost, Slow growth and development, On-farm demonstration, Village veterinary, Animal vaccination, Study tour, Farmer training, Animal health, Animal husbandry, Animal nutrition, Poultry, Equitability, Sustainability, Productivity,
4 4 Are there any ways to make the canal system be good condition? Lack of water, High input cost, Damaged irrigation system, Low cash income, Cooperate with government department, Commune council action, Cooperate with research agencies, Cooperate with private sector, Community organisation, Cooperate with NGOs, Planning, Water User Community, Hydrology, Local governance, Equitability, Sustainability, Productivity,
5 5 Are there any measures to prevent and manage insect pests in rice production? High input cost, Poor harvest quality, Insect pests, Low market prices, Low cash income, Poor harvest quality, On-farm demonstration, Media program, IPM, Farmer training, IPM, Agronomy, Productivity, Stability, Equitability,
6 6 Are there any ways enable farmers access the natural fertiliser to utilise in their farming activities? Low soil fertility, Declining soil fertility, Low market prices, Lack of agricultural technique, Poor harvest quality, Fertiliser trials, Soil identification, Fertiliser recommendations, On-farm demonstration, Agronomy, Green manure, Entomology, Equitability, Productivity, Sustainability,
7 7 Are there any measures to improve soil fertility? Low cash income, Lack of animal manure, Low fertiliser use, Declining soil fertility, Low soil fertility, Poor harvest quality, Soil erosion, On-farm demonstration, Fertiliser recommendations, Fertiliser trials, Soil identification, Media program, Agronomy, Soil science, Green manure, Sustainability, Productivity, Equitability,
8 8 What action should be taken to increase wet season rice yield from 2,000- 3,500 kg/ha? Use of traditional practices, Poor quality seed, Lack of seeds/planting materials, Rice deficit, Declining soil fertility, Inappropriate cultural practices, Inappropriate fertiliser use, Farmer field schools, On-farm demonstration, Study tour, Field days, Agronomy, Productivity, Sustainability, Equitability,
9 9 Are there any solutions enable population access the good pig breeds? Low market prices, Slow growth and development, Poor harvest quality, Poor pig breeds, Low cash income, High input cost, On-farm demonstration, Farmer training, Study tour, Marketing, Business management, Social Science, Stability, Productivity, Sustainability,
# Information Status
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