Detailing Commune Agro-Ecosystems Analysis
Province / District / Commune Banteay Meanchey/ Svay Chek/ Roluos Program/Project DAE
Date AEA * 07/28/2004
No. of Zoon 2 AEA completed True
Report completed True Date report completed 10/23/2004
Report sent to DEAFF True Date report send to DEAFF 11/19/2004
Report available in English False
List of Zoon
# Descriptions Status

# Name Zoon Type of Inundation Major income source Second income source Third income source Topography Dominant crop Second Crop Third crop Water Source Hydrology Cropping system Land type Landuse Soil Group
1 Upland zone Rainfall Pig Rice wine Gently sloping Wet season paddy rice Vegetables, Fruit trees, Mainly Rainfed Not inundated, Mixed crop, Monocrop, Residential/homestead area, Upland, Permanent agriculture, Natural forest and shrubland, Bakan,
2 Lowland zone Rainfall Flat Wet season paddy rice None, None, Mainly Rainfed Seasonally inundated, Monocrop, Lowland middle terrace, Seasonally flooded, Permanent agriculture, Bakan,
# Priority key Questions Problems addressed Issues involved Discipline(s) involved Target group(s) Subsystem/enterprise System property
1 1 What action should be taken to enable farmers access the good and high yield rice varieties? Poor quality seed, Poor pig breeds, On-farm demonstration, Field days, Study tour, Agronomy, Soil science, Productivity, Sustainability,
2 2 Are there any measures to prevent cattle diseases? Low cash income, Lack of draft animals, Low market prices, Village veterinary, Animal vaccination, On-farm demonstration, Media program, Animal health, Pasture management, Animal nutrition, Sustainability, Productivity,
3 3 How do farmers receive rice growing techniques? Low cash income, Poor quality seed, Field days, Study tour, On-farm demonstration, Farmer training, Agronomy, Soil science, Productivity, Sustainability,
4 4 How should we do to make the cow raising be success? Low cash income, Poor animal husbandry, Animal disease, Study tour, On-farm demonstration, Farmer training, Animal health, Forage crops, Sustainability, Productivity,
# Information Status
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