Detailing Technology Implementation Procedures
Name of TIPs N/A Program/Project Rice-SDP


List of Zoon
# Descriptions Status
# Year TIP Produced Source of TIP Current Status of TIP To be completed by OAE : to be completed by DEAFF only: Province / District / Commune
Date Starts TIP Date Submitted to OAE Date Submitted to Committee TIP Date Approved by Committee TIP
1 2000, 2004, TIP originates from Commune AEA, TIP obtained from FSMIS, On Going, 01/11/2021 01/26/2021 01/28/2021 01/29/2021 Battambang/ Thma Koul/ Ou Ta Ki
# Problems addressed Discipline(s) involved System property addressed Subsystem/enterprise Target group(s) Issues involved
1 Plant disease, Lack of agricultural technique, Lack of seeds/planting materials, Planning, Agronomy, Sustainability, Vegetables, Labour deficit families, Women, Gender, Product processing,
# Land type requirements Soil fertility requirements Water requirements Wealth Requirements Landholding requirements Family Food Requirements Labour requirements Impact of TIP adoption on:
Rice commercialization on Gender Poverty Environment
1 Lowland middle terrace, Medium soil fertility, Rainfed, Medium families, Medium landholding, Rice self sufficiency (months/year), Medium family labour force, Low Potential, Positive, Positive, Positive,
# Information Status
1 Please Contract to my Administrator