Detailing Technology Implementation Procedures
Name of TIPs N/A Program/Project DAE


List of Zoon
# Descriptions Status
# Year TIP Produced Source of TIP Current Status of TIP To be completed by OAE : to be completed by DEAFF only: Province / District / Commune
Date Starts TIP Date Submitted to OAE Date Submitted to Committee TIP Date Approved by Committee TIP
1 2017, TIP obtained from CARDI, On Going, 01/01/2017 02/01/2017 04/01/2017 05/01/2017 Prey Veng/ Sithor Kandal/ Prey Daeum Thnoeng
# Problems addressed Discipline(s) involved System property addressed Subsystem/enterprise Target group(s) Issues involved
1 Poor harvest quality, Lack of agricultural technique, Rice deficit, Planning, Agronomy, Pest management, Productivity, Stability, Wet season rice, Dry season rice, Medium income families, Gender, Fertiliser recommendations, Variety trials, Community organisation,
# Land type requirements Soil fertility requirements Water requirements Wealth Requirements Landholding requirements Family Food Requirements Labour requirements Impact of TIP adoption on:
Rice commercialization on Gender Poverty Environment
1 Lowland middle terrace, Lowland lower terrace, Seasonally flooded, Medium soil fertility, Irrigated, Medium families, Medium landholding, Rice self sufficiency (months/year), Medium family labour force, Medium​ Potential, Positive, Negative, Negative,
# Information Status
1 Please Contract to my Administrator